Hui Ho‘oleimaluō is Cultivating a New Generation of Stewards for the Land

Images by John Hook

Join Paula Fuga as she visits Hui Ho‘oleimaluō on Hawai‘i Island and meets the keiki learning how to malama ‘āina.

Subaru Hawai‘i believes in being a positive force in the community, not just with charitable donations but with actions that set an example for others to follow. In this five-part series, musician and Subaru Hawai‘i ambassador Paula Fuga is joined by one of her 13 best friends as she ventures out into the community to meet with passionate changemakers relevant to each of the Subaru Love Promises, areas in which the brand is committed to making a difference: animals, the environment, education, public health, and helping those in need. Get to know Paula, her values, and her path to healing and self-love as she raises awareness about some of the causes closest to her heart, accompanied by the friends who have loved and uplifted her along the way.

Preserving the natural world and safeguarding resources for future generations is a responsibility that Subaru Hawai‘i doesn’t take lightly. In this episode devoted to malama ‘āina (caring for the land), Paula heads to Hilo, Hawai‘i, to visit her friends at Hui Ho‘oleimaluō, an environmental nonprofit working to cultivate future generations of environmental stewards through community workdays, events, and hands-on environmental education. There, she talks story with co-founders Kamala Anthony and Nāhōkū Kahana, whose work at Hui Ho‘oleimaluō is rooted in the belief that if we take care of the land, it will in turn take care of us. Through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) skill building, place-based learning, and community engagement, the organization teaches youth to care for their natural resources through lessons in loko i‘a (fishpond) maintenance and restoration.

Paula is joined by her best friend, professional surfer and waterman Ikaika Kalama, for whom the organization’s work has personal relevance: He’s raising his son in the same ahupua‘a (land division) that Hui Ho‘leimaluō is working to protect. Together, the group discusses the importance of being stewards of the land, perpetuating Indigenous knowledge, and inspiring others to care for the environment that has fed and supported them and their ancestors for generations.

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