Paula Fuga Brings Love Back to Her Waimānalo Community

Images by John Hook

Join Paula as she spends a day volunteering with Child & Family Services in her hometown of Waimānalo.

As part of its Subaru Loves to Help promise, Subaru Hawai‘i strives to extend warmth and compassion to those in the community who need it most. Galvanized by this initiative, Paula calls on Child & Family Service (CFS), a Hawai‘i-born, community-based organization working to strengthen local families and foster the healthy development of Hawai‘i’s keiki (children). Through its statewide support, counseling, and therapeutic programs, CFS helps individuals and families break the cycle of generational poverty, a cause of personal importance to Paula.

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The musician first got involved with CFS as a volunteer for its Festival of Hope in Waimānalo in 2020, one of several drive-thru charity events that provided resources, services, and food to families across the islands who were impacted by COVID-19. In this episode, Paula rejoins CFS to service her hometown of Waimānalo, this time teaming up with her best friend Anuhea Awo-Chun, an assistant director at nearby Mālama Honua Charter School.

For Anuhea, giving back is a family tradition started by her daughters, who collect travel-size toiletries each holiday season to donate to families in need. Together, Paula, Anuhea, and Child & Family Service President and CEO Karen Tan discuss the importance of hope and how even the smallest acts of empathy have the power to change lives.

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