Indie Wiener Measuring in 2010

The Pooley’s, circa 2010

No more 16-year-old me. Here’s the music I listen to now.

My last post was regarding what I was listening to as a 16-year-kid in 1996. I am happy to say that I have re-downloaded all of those albums and I am quickly regressing at a rapid rate. Out of those bands, the ones that I have continually listened to since 1996 are The Descendents, Oasis, The Verve and Wu-Tang. I definitely outgrew the pop punk that following summer and luckily I missed the next wave of pop punk which quickly turned into emo. For some reason, when I looked at the fork in the road, I choose to not go down the Saves the Day/Jimmie Eat World route.

I lost my point…………………….Oh right, so, I figured we could visit what I am super hyped on at 31 (at least this month). Just as a compare and contrast to what I showed you from when I was 16. (I’m so tempted to be a jerk and copy paste those same songs I posted before.) After I made this list I realized I read WAY too much

Girls – Heartbreaker

Kanye West – Runaway (I know, me and everyone else, but you can’t deny how good this album is)

Perfume Genius – Mr. Peterson

The Radio Dept – Heaven’s on Fire

Japandroids – Younger Us

Kurt Vile – In My Time

Deerhunter – Desire Lines

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