Indie Wiener Measuring in 2010

The Pooley’s, circa 2010

My last post was regarding what I was listening to as a 16-year-kid in 1996. I am happy to say that I have re-downloaded all of those albums and I am quickly regressing at a rapid rate. Out of those bands, the ones that I have continually listened to since 1996 are The Descendents, Oasis, The Verve and Wu-Tang. I definitely outgrew the pop punk that following summer and luckily I missed the next wave of pop punk which quickly turned into emo. For some reason, when I looked at the fork in the road, I choose to not go down the Saves the Day/Jimmie Eat World route.

I lost my point…………………….Oh right, so, I figured we could visit what I am super hyped on at 31 (at least this month). Just as a compare and contrast to what I showed you from when I was 16. (I’m so tempted to be a jerk and copy paste those same songs I posted before.) After I made this list I realized I read WAY too much Pitchfork, and usually if I mention a band like the ones below in public, someone who is into the same shit whips out their indie dong and measures it against mine with something super underground. I’m OK with having a baby indie dong; I don’t have time time to dig for worms anymore. Just tell me what to listen to, I’ll do my best not to instantly say, “oh thats the chord progression from Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.”

Also keep in mind, I’ve been 31 since September, so I’m not really digging too deep. I’m just listing what instantly pops into my mind and I left out the older stuff I’m listening to because I always need future topics to blog about. I’m not trying to blow my wad all at once – this blogging stuff is harder than it looks.

Bored yet!?

Twin Shadow – Slow

Girls – Heartbreaker

Kanye West – Runaway (I know, me and everyone else, but you can’t deny how good this album is)

Perfume Genius – Mr. Peterson

The Radio Dept – Heaven’s on Fire

Japandroids – Younger Us

Kurt Vile – In My Time

Deerhunter – Desire Lines