Rare Gems and Precious Metals, Oh My!



[photo_credit] Profile Photo by John Hook[/photo_credit]

His art pieces remind us of a time when jewels and gems granted protection and peace to its wearer. Today, jewelry designer Jason Dow wants to bring those values of romance, quality and meaning back to our ever-busy, often manufactured society.

Jason told me that he is inspired by jewelry of ancient times, when every stone had meaning and magical powers, when things seemed “mystical.” The sacred art of mandala also captivates him, which is why many of his pieces have circular patterns. I stared quietly into one of the rings on my finger, and he described, “It’s meditative in a way that’s balancing. I have this belief that the world is chaotic and crazy. I feel like wearing this can protect you and calm you.”

Jason makes his own schedule, surfing daily, practicing yoga, and sometimes working in studio for days on end. “I’m in to making things that will last forever. The materials I work with are long withstanding, which is why they’re precious. We have so much stuff in our society, that things have become so disposable. I want to bring back value to our everyday life, and make things precious again.”

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