Let’s Talk Lashes

If you’re not loving your lashes, it’s time to change your mascara… When shopping for a new tube, it’s best not to be wearing any mascara so you can try the tester. You should always use a clean, disposable wand and make sure the tester mascara isn’t being double-dipped with used wands. Take advantage of having 2 sets of lashes! Test 4 different types of mascara.

When applying your mascara… Always start at the base of the lash, focusing on getting most of the product at the base. Use a small left to right motion, then slowly bring the wand through your lashes. Repeat until you produce the thickness and length you desire. Never pump the tube with air. You will dry out our mascara. Instead, insert the brush and roll around the tube for more product. When applying to the lower lashes, start by applying to the base, then turn the mascara wand vertically, gently and slowly brushing left to right.

10 things to consider when shopping for the right formula of mascara for you:

1. Mascara is like hairspray for your lashes, meaning it shouldn’t weigh your lashes down.

2. Clumps are not cute. It’s not just about the formula, the brush shape and size are important.

3. If you build it… You should be able to apply additional coats to refresh tired eyes, like when going from day to a night out.

4. Raccoon eyes are wrong. Throughout the day, mascara shouldn’t transfer.

5. Get to know your natural lashes. For example, if your set is naturally thick, then choose a formula that lengthens; if your lashes are naturally long but sparse choose a thickening formula.

6. Mascara expires. Once opened, you have about three months to use the mascara. Throw old mascara away.

7. Don’t commit to one mascara. If your mascara isn’t performing like it was at the height of its career, it’s time to change. You will bore your lashes to tears. Try different brands and formulas.

8. Be careful with using waterproof formulas daily. Waterproof formulas can dry and create brittle lashes that are more likely to break during makeup removal.

9. Lash primer is your friend.

10. Don’t share your mascara with anyone. Conjunctivitis, bacteria and infections spread easily.

Don’t be shy to ask for a mascara sample, or purchase a mini tube. If you invest in a name brand mascara, keep your receipt. After 1-2 weeks of use, you should be in love. If you’re not, review the stores return or exchange policy. And move on…

Top Picks, Upper Lashes: Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara or L’oreal Original Voluminous

Top Pick, Bottom Lashes: Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Dulce Apana and Royal Silver are the makeup artists that make up Timeless Classic Beauty. Previously they’ve been behind the counters of Bobbi Brown and Mac Cosmetics. It is their mission to have you look at yourself in a different light and just love what you see.

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