Margaret Ezekiel and Rosa Silver at galerie 103

Margaret Ezekiel



Charcoal on paper

30 x 44 inches

Margaret Ezekiel Solo Exhibition




Rosa Silver

On display March 3 – April 30, 2011

GALERIE 103 presents In The Between, a solo exhibition by Kaua‘i artist, Margaret Ezekiel, featuring current work, which continues her figurative exploration into consciousness, connections and change, together with the Procession series, which features seven individual panels from her personal collection, not shown in its entirety since the 2004-2005 exhibit at The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu.

Of her work Ezekiel states:
“Each time I draw, I practice: letting go the impulse to think, to name, to limit, to edit, to censor. I practice simply allowing, by getting out of my own way, to let appear on the page what’s in the heart, in the room, in the moment, and in so doing, to recognize the perfection in that imperfect attempt to put on paper what can never be put on paper. I suspect that’s what makes art so poignantly human, recognizing both the futility and the truth, that only the desire to put it on paper is what appears; I draw only the desire.”

In The Between, featuring both pastel and charcoal drawings, will open with a reception from 6 – 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 3, continuing through April 30, 2011. A concurrent installation by Rosa Silver, RE-APPEAR AT SOURCE, will open in the gallery annex that same night.

RE-APPEAR AT SOURCE follows Silver’s recent installation, VERITATEM PROPONO: Garden Island Immersion, exhibited in the Biennial of Hawai`i Artists IX, also at The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu.

This installation is a highly imaginative hypothetical display formulated after observations made of her recent room installation at the Museum. Small-scale drawings and paintings, sculptures and intimate video snippets, engage each other through a grid, drawn with a delicate line of blue watercolor pencil directly on the gallery walls.
Live gallery webcast will be shown during the installation and de-installation of Silver’s RE-APPEAR AT SOURCE.

An informal conversation and walk-through of their work with both Margaret Ezekiel and Rosa Silver, 6 – 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 31, 2011.

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