Issue 10: Fellas

FLUX Cover of Issue 10: Fellas
Cover image by Jun Jo.

The fellas featured in this issue are heroic in their own rights, everyday men doing extraordinary things.

Editor’s Letter: When I was in kindergarten, I knew a superhero. Yes, a real-life superhero, who could fly and everything. His name was Zero the Hero. Every month, on days with a zero in it, like 10, 20 or 30, Zero the Hero would swoop in to our class and teach us about numbers and give us candy. Then in a flash, he’d swoop back out, his red cape flying in the wind. On one particular zero day, I noticed something peculiar: Zero wore the same shoes as my dad! When I got home that day, I asked dad if he knew he wore the same shoes as a superhero. Shhhh, he whispered with a wink, it was our little secret.

Over the years, my dad has faced his share of adversaries. Some have slowed him, like when he got 56 stitches in his head after a surfer dropped in on him at Ali‘i Beach Park; some have knocked him down, like when he was nearly declared bankruptcy – twice – as a result of some bad business decisions; and some have crippled him, like the drugs and alcohol that plagued him for the first half of his life. But, as in any superhero plot line, dad prevailed, and showed his family how to live with humility, lead by example, and love without condition.

The fellas featured in this, our 10th issue, are heroic in their own right, everyday men doing extraordinary things. Like Zero did for one kindergarten class, they fill us with delight and teach us how to be better.

Lisa Yamada

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Featured Stories:

Pig Hunting in Kualoa
Image by John Hook

Pig Hunting Through Kualoa Ranch
Pig hunting is the new sport of kings, or at least stylish champions.

The Knifemaker
Image by Dallas Nagata White

The Knifemaker
On a cool Honolulu afternoon, Keith Ouye sits behind a rickety card table adorned with dozens of razor-sharp knives.

Taxidermist Orion Enocencio
Image by Aaron Yoshino

The Taxidermist
Taxidermist Orion Enocencio of ‘Ahiu Hawai‘i. 

Modern Man 808 Speed Shop
Image by Aaron Van Bokhoven

The Modern Man … Does it Himself
In the tradition of rugged individuality and bucking convention, the link between skateboarding and punk rock to early- and mid-20th century classic American cars might not seem strange. It wasn’t, at least, for 808 Speed Shop owner Marty Lau.

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