On October 8, 2011, Rocky makes her return to the islands featuring her newly released mixtape Pop Killer, backed by DJ Roza. With so much range and plenty of sass swagger, Pop Killer will take you to Frisco and back before you can figure out a “Pop Killer” in hypothetical.  At first listen, Rocky is undoubtedly intimidating.  At second listen, she remains relentless, which moves me to name this as that good ol’ hip hop.  Over 13 tracks, Rocky raps militant bars in tune with the infectious boom baps only that West Coast flavor can deliver and in the style she knows best: her own.

Rocky is no stranger to the islands and plans to make her rounds to all the local shops in thanks for their longtime unyielding support. Hawai’i: heads up. Rocky is bringing that Frisco sound that’ll make you move.  Ladies, this one’s for you.  Gentleman, come correct.  The self-proven Gangster of Love is in town.  Show some love back like we know how.

Rocky Rivera with DJ Roza at the LOFT + Big Mox, Blood Brothers, FTB All Stars

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Get your tickets at: IN4MATION, STUSSY, or FITTED. Presale: $10, Door: $15


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