Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Save Our Surf and its primary organizer, John M. Kelly Jr., organized against the overdevelopment of Hawaii's shorelines. Photographer Ed Greevy talks about the movement with FLUX.
Theme Parks formerly known as Youth Sports are a duo of Jake Achitoff and Rachael Behaviorist who also play in local Honolulu bands GRLFRNDS and The Behavorists. They have self released...
“Automatic,” a group show featuring works by renowned skate and surf artists as well as local talent, is taking place at Clips Hawaii this weekend.
Chinatown Artist Lofts
Text by Margot Seeto Photo by Honozooloo Creative Research Co-op at the Chinatown Artists Lofts. The idea of communal living, the co-operative, the idea of sharing resources to advance a common...
For his exhibit here in Honolulu, Los Angeles artist and producer, Teebs will unveil his newest collection of artfully repurposed record sleeves at The ARTS at Marks Garage.

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