A Decade of Capturing the Current of Hawai‘i

Guest edited by Lisa Yamada-Son

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Lisa Yamada-Son

Founder, Former Editor-in-Chief

Lisa Yamada-Son tracks the evolution of how audiences stay engaged and informed.

“The dearth of cultural evolution will come when we, as citizens, bend to the whims of capitalistic impulses, crowd approval, and self-interest.”

Beau Flemister

Contributing Writer

Beau Flemister replays the sport’s greatest hits.

“‘Surfing has lost its soul.’ A tired lament, normally written by some white dude every decade or so for the past 70 years now whenever a modification to or glitch in the status quo occurs, like say, the invention of the leash, the third fin, or a streaming surveillance camera with eyes on a popular break.”

Anna Harmon

National Editor

Anna Harmon surveys our eternal relationship to the natural terrain.

“It is becoming clear that just like with urban planning, waste disposal, industrial production, and even scientific pursuits, renewable energy is not immune to inflicting environmental injustice.”

Eunica Escalante

Associate Editor

Eunica Escalante reviews the changing state of the public school system.

“Ways of teaching once seen as radical are providing students with more accessible learning environments.”

Matthew Dekneef

Editorial Director

Matthew Dekneef celebrates the expanding lexicon around identity.

“People who work closely with language are tasked to handle it in all its dimensionality. Words grant access to better understand another’s reality.”

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