Creating and navigating a digital hub for Hawaiʻi's underground music scene is just the beginning for Lei and Roger Bong's new online radio station, Central Pacific Time.
Dance has helped Emilia Villaver Daquioag connect with family, friends, and the community in ways unavailable to her through spoken language.
The Vanguard Theory
Interior designer Michelle Jaime of The Vanguard Theory paints a picture of living well in Hawaiʻi, and shares some well-learned tips.
Flux Hawaii Shop Sydney
From May 24 to 28, we are hosting the FLUX Hawaii Shop in Sydney, complete with collaborations with Hawaiʻi designers, musical performances by island artists, talk story events, and a curated array of goods for purchase also available online.
FLUX Shop Kakaako Factory
From his O‘ahu-based Island Slipper factory, John Carpenter explains the importance of manufacturing in the isles.

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