Skincare: If you have great skin…please stand up

Dulce getting a facial at Pure Joy Day Spa, great for skin-type consultations.

Let’s face it, no one has perfect skin every day. If you do, it’s probably because somewhere in there is a good skincare routine. That routine can be simple or not. It can range from one product to six products daily. But whatever that routine may be, it helps our skin look the way it is now. Don’t make the mistake of NOT applying skincare before applying your makeup. Prepping the skin properly delivers a smoother application. There are times when we need to skip a step or two to save time on prepping, but always remember that protecting your skin will be better for you in the long run.

The biggest misconception about skincare is that it costs too much and it‘s too much to do everyday. However, taking care of your skin is taking care of you. When you feel better you look better. I say quality is better than quantity. Slowly get yourself into a proper skincare regiment, which will make a difference for YOUR skin type.

First, learn what your skin type is. Ask yourself, am I oily, normal, combination, dry or extra dry?

Oily skin: large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, visible congestion especially on the T-zone and breakouts

Normal/Combination skin: typically oily on the T-zone, dry or even flaky on other parts of the face.

Dry skin: tightness on the skin, dull, little to no excess oil production.

Extra dry: Drier surface, flaky nose and/or mouth area.

To help determine what your skin type is, you could go to a spa for a treatment or consultation, or ask a consultant at a department store. These would be the most economical. Ask them what they would recommend for your skin type and find out which skincare system would be best for you. Be sure they take into consideration your budget, lifestyle and amount of time you are willing to spend on your skincare refiment. Don’t be shy about asking for samples. This is the best way to test the products on your skin for a few days and for your skin to get acclimated to certain products.

As you get comfortable with using products or adding to your skincare routine, you will see that your makeup application is easier and you may be using less product such as foundation or concealer.

Let your skin shine through.


Dulce Apana and Royal Silver are the makeup artists that make up Timeless Classic Beauty. Previously they’ve been behind the counters of Bobbi Brown and Mac Cosmetics. It is their mission to have you look at yourself in a different light and just love what you see.

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