Smooth as Selk

There’s nothing quite like camping in the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars, being one with nature. Except, sometimes, when slumber is awoken by said nature, which has found a way to crawl into your sleeping bag and cause panic throughout the campsite. Enter the Selk’bag, the innovative camping solution that melds the functionality of a sleeping bag into a wearable silhouette. John Hook, photographer extraordinaire and camping expert, tested out the Selk’bag, on a camping trip out to Bellows.

– Comfort, wrapped up in pillows, like a hot dog wrapped in bacon.
– Fashion, the look on the kids faces tells you you’re doing things right.
– Function, ain’t no centipedes getting in that thing.

– Loneliness, we tried to get a pair in there, but there’s only room for one in your Selk’bag.
– Sharp objects, 100% chance of losing a fight with a pokey stick, and anything sharp on the ground.
– Long legs, be prepared for the crotch hammock if you’re extra tall like me.





The Selk’bag retails for $169 and is available HERE. Key Features:
• Zip-off booties so you can wear your own shoes when active, or the booties when sleeping
• Better two-dimensional, anatomical fit for increased comfort and lighter weight
• A kangaroo-style pocket in the front so you can rest your arms or your stuff easily accessible
• Leg vents help to regulate temperature for times when you get too warm
• Baffled construction helps to eliminate cold spots
• A soft nylon shell with ripstop with a water resistant finish (DWR)
• Double front entry-zippers make for quick entry
• An insulated hood for added warmth
• Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
• Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers
• Redesigned zipper tape prevents snags
• A convenient carry sack for compact portability

All in all, it’s pretty awesome to be able to lay down anywhere, anytime, dressed as is, and be fully prepared to sleep comfortably.


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