Study Break with Bambu

When we first featured artist Bambu, he was re-writing hip-hop, using it as a vehicle for youth organization and involvement. He says: “I think that what I do through the subculture of hip-hop is just raise awareness. And that never really creates real change. I think artists fool themselves when they say they just want to create positive music. It might create the climate for some kind of change. But until you actually go out and organize, that awareness is wasted. I would love for people to go out and study for themselves. That’s the whole point of my music – for people to take the next step.”

Bambu is back in town, along with Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, to perform Saturday, May 7 at Blue Ocean Thai. Hosted by the Ethnic Studies Student Association at UH Manoa and Go Getters, “Study Break 2011” features artists whose music focuses on critical commentary of socio-politcal issues.

The concert will be a part of Bambu’s Smuggler’s Tour, which celebrates the release of his album Short Changed, a re-release of previously recorded tracks from Exact Change with an additional set of new songs. They will be performing alongside local artists Seph1 and Lady Paisley, the Prolific Unknowns, the Broke Mokes and DJ Packo.

Study Break 2011: Prometheus Brown and Bambu Live in Hawaii

Saturday, May 7

Blue Ocean Thai Restaurant

327 Keawe St.

Get you tickets at IN4MATION. Presale: $10, Door: $15.

See how Bambu is Re-Writing Hip-Hop, in our FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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