Surfer Polls 2012

By John Hook

Surfers have inspired me so much. Just seeing these guys in videos made me really wanna get out there and have fun surfing. I thought I could return the favor, by turning them on to photography. Instead of taking pictures of my heroes at the recent Surfer Poll Awards, I put the camera in their hand and asked them to take a picture of me. I simply asked them, “Can I get you to take a picture?…” They were quick to say, “yes” and either hold up their award or strike a pose for me, then instead of taking their picture, I would add, “…take a picture, of me” and hand them my camera and smile and wait for them to take a picture of me by myself.

It was very fun to see the reactions of the surfers, some of them seemed confused, some of them laughed it off, and some of them really got into it and spent some time getting a quality shot. Some of my favorite “photographers” were: Jason Shibata, Freddy P, Sal Masekela, Joel Tudor, Rob Machado and David Rastovich.

Now I have 25 pictures of myself taken by heroes; that’s the award that I brought home.

Photo by Jason Shibata

Photo by Fred Patacchia

Photo by Sal Masakela

Photo by Chris Cote, Transworld Surf

Photo by Mark Healy

Photo by Joel Centeio

Photo by Keala Kennelly

Photo by Joel Tudor

Photo by Pat O’Connell

Photo by C.J. Hobgood

Photo by Mark Occhillupo

Photo by Dave & Crystal

Photo by Coco Ho

Photo by Zak Noyle

Photo by Jordy Smith

Photo by Rob Machado

Photo by Ian Walsh

Photo by Bethany Hamilton

Photo by Carissa Moore

Photo by Taj Burrow

Photo by Kelly Slater

Photo by Dane Reynolds

Photo by John John Florence

Photo by David Rastovich

Photo by Owen Wright

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