Trip Around the Island

Turtle Bay, with Roxanne Chasle


FEBRUARY 10, 6-9 p.m.


1159 Nuuanu Ave.

On display through March 24

Join local artists for a Trip Around the Island, a traditional, collaborative, site-specific series of 30 prints, based on a journey around Oahu. Artists include: Sonny Ganaden, Harinani Orme, Barbara Okamoto, Gina Bacon Kerr, AJ Feducia, Doug Tolentino, Dana Paresa, Carl Pao, Sergio Garzon, Roxeanne Ortiz, Matt Ortiz, Kahi Ching and Diana Ching.

Trip Around the Island primarily consists of 30 prints, each representing an area of Oahu. Each print is 18 by 20 inches on paper. The print begins with a lithograph by Sonny Ganaden and is then worked on by another visual artist, combining influences and ideas on an image. Each image will roughly register with the next, creating a sense of continuity. Artists have been invited to do whatever they want to the prints, including lithography, screen print, paint, gouache, tattoo gun, glitter, burning, sewing, etc.

Kaimuki, with A.J. Feducia

Sonny Ganaden, the organizer for the show, says of the installation: “I have been looking at Ke Anuenue by Juliet May Fraser (on permanent display on the ground floor of Hamilton Library at UH Manoa), DeLuxe by Ellen Gallagher, Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai, and the works of music producers like Mark Ronson, Kanye West and George Martin. What I enjoy about all of those artists is the ability to tell a complex story in vignettes, and an appreciation of the nuances of place. The quality of the work comes from the nature of collaboration.”

As the series is primarily influenced by Ke Anuenue (the rainbow), color also ties the work together. The full series will be a spectrum, essentially the color wheel. Each artist is asked to primarily use a certain color on their prints. If we begin with the aquamarines of Waikiki, the opposite side of the island will be a brighter orange.

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