FLUX Hawaii and The Whatever Underground – Trash City Freak Gang

Winter is upon us.

In Hawaii, it is a time of chilly weather, rain, very big surf and complaining about how cold the ocean feels, even though it is still in the low 70’s.

To celebrate, we asked our friends at The Whatever Underground to curate a mixtape to keep you company in this holiday season.

Please share and embed these where ever you see fit…

Trash City Freak Gang – A Mixtape Communique from The Whatever Underground



1. Ross Jackson – Introduction

2. Siblings – Keep Talking Shit

3. Audible Lab Rats – Bounce 2 Da Future 2

4. Blood Cave – Tore Up From The Floor Up

5. Alive and Swell – From Copper To Gold

6. Emu Attack – Luning

7. Kevin Tit – Is This Punk

8. Witchbaby – Walternates

9. Mikey Yeda – Bill Matrix

10. Harshist – The Master’s Tools

11. brainplane – Let’s Dance

12. Nerve Beats – BEAT BOP REQUIEM

13. Clones of the Queen – Animal (Demo)

14. Pharaohs – Our Haven

15. Pink Mist – It’s Alright (Early Demo)

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