FLUX Picks at HIFF 31

With more than 200 films from over 40 countries showing at the 2011 Hawaii International Film Festival, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed (in the best way). Let us help you break it down with five films FLUX is standing in line for:

  1. Sound With A Vision: THE WONDER YEAR*

  2. Channeling music and film in various forms and manifestations, SOUND X VISION brings us a captivating perspective into the daily grind of 9th Wonder as impressive as the figure himself. Despite being most prolific for his work in Hip hop production, 9th Wonder is an innovator within numerous fields and holds many titles (Grammy producer, Duke University Professor, CEO, NAACP ambassador) making this film muse an inspiration for widespread audiences.

  3. Classic: LA DOLCE VITA*

    We are thankful for EuroCinema Hawaii. Set in 1960 Rome, the restored and widely-acclaimed film by Federico Fellini is based on aspiring writer Marcello Mastrioanni, who finds himself deep in socialite infatuation and girlfriend woes. In search of self, the “Good Life” is classically sequenced over seven episodes.

  4. Made in Hawaii: PARADISE BROKEN

    Removing the gloss and glamour of Waikiki, James Sereno’s work ventures into the lives of a young couple struggling to make ends meet. One half a drug dealer and the other a hula-dancing prostitute, this couple shows a side of the tourist haven that we rarely get to witness. If you missed the initial screening, HIFF has announced another showing on Friday October 21 (4 p.m.). For a second chance and to support Hawai’i films, make sure to catch this festival must see.

  5. Midnight Extreme: BULLHEAD (RUNDSKOP)

    Who doesn’t love a good ol’ mafia flick? This quiet animal feeder thriller confronts murder, haunting secrets, and the hormone mafia underworld cast in a grey Belgium. “It’s a film about people being driven to extremes. In short Bullhead is a film about everyday bovine madness.” Sponsored by Chinatown Newspaper and just in time, HIFF Extreme sets the mood for Halloween. Watch the late-night feature Friday October 21 (9:45 p.m.).


    A board and the freedom of movement: nowhere may this idea be more appreciated than in Hawai’i. The pitch is simple but unexpectedly new.  The Afghan terrain is assumed yet strikingly beautiful. The American Immigrant Filmmakers on Profile features Kai Sehr’s story of Oliver and Sharna, who skated into a purpose. Attend the second screening on Thursday October 20 (5:30 p.m.).

    *Hawai’i showing dates have passed, but don’t let that stop you. A great film is a great film, seen any day.

    October 13-23, 2011

    Online: HIFF.ORG

    Phone: 808 477 0577

    In Person: At the box office

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