I’m New Around Here.

Meet musician Mike Pooley.

My name is Mike Pooley. I work, I am a musician, I love food, movies, not leaving my house, music and I especially enjoy my wife and daughter…

That’s all I really have in terms of an intro. I’ve always been a long winded guy, especially when it comes to writing emails or blogs, but bullet points in an intro always seem to work. Plus maybe that leaves topics open for the future. Maybe one of you will comment and say “OMG, Mike Pooley, what kind of food do you love? LOL.” Who knows…OK, reading this intro again, I’m realizing it’s pretty generic. “I like food”? No shit, don’t we all like things that keep us alive? That’s like saying “I like air”, but I’m not going back up there to change it…So now you know I like food. Maybe we can eat food sometime and talk about it.

My main focus on this blog will be music. So we can talk about stuff I like, stuff I resent, stuff I don’t understand, stuff I don’t like but think is awesome, stuff I like but hate…You know, the typical inner workings of the usual music obsessed mind. Good thing is I’m 31, so it’ll be less me trying to impress you with some random shit you never heard that was recorded 20 years ago, and more bitter rants about how some people all of a sudden started hating The Beatles in the past five years.

To get started, lets take a look at what the inside of my brain looks like when I use the bathroom:

Pon De Floor featuring Afro Jack & VYBZ Cartel from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

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