Interisland Terminal Presents A Manufactured Reality



In their first program of the year, Interisland Terminal will present “Manufacturing Reality,” a selection of documentary films that deals with “reality,” and how it is manufactured through perception, environment and circumstance. “Manufacturing Reality” will allow the audience to experience unique and provoking realities, from a WWII-era fantasy world created at 1/6 scale in Marewencol, to the desire to enhance the planet Earth by robotics in Plug & Pray, and a family’s quest to find true connection with nature and each other by leaving modern society in This Way of Life. (This Way of Life was on the shortlist for Oscar nominations for Best Documentary, but we’re most excited/intrigued by Plug & Pray.)

Below, Interisland Terminal’s film buff Anderson Le gave us more insight on the series:

Why did Interisland choose to explore the theme of a manufactured reality?

It’s now a new Renaissance for documentary film, and we wanted to celebrate that. The “form” of the genre is changing, presenting new perspectives, and we wanted to explore subject matter that dealt with forming a new reality to bring a sense of place in this ever-changing world.

How many films did you screen before deciding on these three?

We had a handful, but we wanted to kick off with this mini-fest and hope to do more doc fests with specific themes.

What is the take away message that you want people to walk away with after they watch these films?

First off, to highlight that documentaries are fascinating and that they are the driving force of new indie cinema. Secondly, we felt these docs bring the audience to unique realms that are sometimes stranger than fiction.

How does this selection of work “pave the way for the creative approaches needed to address the civic and social challenges facing Hawai‘i,” as stated in Interisland’s mission?

Promotion and consumption of indie cinema is key to sparking discourse and critical thinking. It’s good for art. But with documentaries, anyone can really pick up a camera now and upload clips onto youtube. With Hawaii’s rich tradition of documentaries, we wanted to put on a spotlight on docs, and show that the form is stronger than ever.

Manufacturing Reality

February 15-17, 2011

Consolidated Kahala Theaters


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