Recipe: Starfruit Caipirinha

Take advantage of surplus starfruit with this refreshing, simple cocktail recipe.

When you get bags, baskets, or buckets full of starfruit, you may eventually tire of eating them straight. For this very reason, we asked around for recipes that would allow us to relish other aspects of starfruit, from crisp texture to its juiciness to its aesthetically pleasing shape.

Chef John Memering of Cactus in Kailua answered the call with both a starfruit escabeche recipe in our Film issue that is absolutely delicious, easy to make, and an excellent way to preserve the fruit, and with this simple cocktail.


Cachaca, a Brazilian spirit akin to rum
Simple syrup (or a spoon full of sugar, if you’re in a bind)
Starfruit juice
Starfruit slice
Optional: Soda water


1. Muddle half a lime (or less, depending on how much you want the starfruit to take center stage) over the simple syrup or fine sugar
2. Add ice, starfruit juice, and cachaca
3. Shake, then float with a little bit of soda
4. Garnish with a slice of starfruit

For a recipe to turn extra starfruit into a spicy escabeche, check out our Film issue, on stands now.

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