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The biggest misconception about men’s style in Hawai‘i, according Tom Park, proprietor of menswear shop Leather Soul, is that “we all wear ill-fitting, open-buttoned, silky, Magnum, P.I. aloha shirts.” With lines like Reyn Spooner creating tailored, modern fits, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. “I’ve always loved Reyn Spooner, from back when I was a financial advisor out of college,” Park says. “They were the first in the early 1960s to do a preppy, toned-down, business aloha shirt, using their J. Press and Brooks Brothers connection to make a reverse-print, button-down collar shirt with their Spooner Kloth, which is very similar to an oxford cotton.”

Six years ago, Park approached the president of Reyn Spooner, Kirk Hubbard III, to create an updated fit on the classic aloha shirt. The resulting garment, which quilted together warm hues of classic Spooner Kloth, was a hit with Park’s discerning clientele, and a perfect complement to Leather Soul’s premium leather shoes, which include offerings from John Lobb, Alden, and Saint Crispin’s.

“People in Hawai‘i are very laidback, and it shows in the fashion—you hardly see anyone in a suit here,” Park says. Instead, everyone from high-profile CEOs to start-up graphic designers dons the shirt of the isles daily. Still, Park notes the importance of the small details when it comes to men looking sharp in this uniform of the isles. Here, he provides three tips.

Get shirts tailored:
You can look 20 pounds lighter or heavier just because of the fit of your clothes. Not enough guys get their clothes altered. You’ve got to realize that you are not built like a mannequin. Any tailor can take in the sides of a shirt or shorten the sleeves, and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes when they do.

Keep it clean:
I get a haircut every two to three weeks. A fresh cut will make you look and feel sharp.

Find something that gives you confidence and rock it:
Whether it’s a nice pair of shoes, a watch you’ve always wanted, or a pair of glasses you’ve always admired, find an accessory or article of clothing that makes you feel great when you wear it. That small boost of confidence will give you that extra little something to help you make the deal, land the client, or climb the corporate ladder.

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