These Trance Beats Are Making Me Thirsty.

These are the songs and artists I’ve been obsessed with.

After the amazing response I had with my last review I was excited to jump into another one, but had to bide my time to find the right pick so I chose Alt/Air. No, i’m not only going to review boy/girl duo’s music, but coincidently boy/girl duo’s have been releasing lately, so here we are again.

I just finished listening to the Alt/Air EP. It’s three songs, released by Heatery Records in Honolulu. Alt/Air is a two-member group, made up of Aly Ishikuni on vocals and Brandon Udani on the other stuff. Laptop plus singer equals band, and they seem to have done a good job with getting started using this equation.

With music I always think the first impression is the best one. That first listen is the honest one, before you have the back story or the hook memorized, and my first impression was “impressive start.” It sounds great for a local release. Like a real release. Plus they got their shit together quick because this group hasn’t been around for very long. My other impression is the ecstasy flashback I’m having from this Trance music, which is making me grind my teeth like its prom 1999 and that Aly sounds like 1984 era Madonna minus that weird mucous throat thing Madonna used to do. I almost wish Aly would go full Madonna on it, but I’m OK with just part Madonna

“Faceless” is the best song for sure. It opens up sounding like a Pitchfork BNM’d electro song and most important in pop music, it’s catchy. They follow the safe pop structure, but knowing Aly’s background, I’m sure that’s the goal with them. They aren’t trying to change the world with this, they are just trying to make music some people will like. At least that’s what I’m thinking.

“10tei” is kind of eh, which is a bummer since this is a three-song EP. I’m sure  it goes over great live, but I didn’t find it as a good follow up to “Faceless” in the album sequence. This song just wasn’t as interesting musically as the other songs. It does have a good pick up and I can see kids jumping up and down to it which can be considered a good thing, but I was kind of zoning out halfway through. It’s not a bad song at all, just not as strong as the other two.

Aly Ishikuni and Brandon Udani of Alt/Air.

‘Dreambeats’ is a good closer. It has smart changes and a good vocal hook. It is a bit long, but I found all of these songs to be a bit on the longer side. Don’t get me wrong I love me a long song, but the road trip has to be a scenic one to keep my interest, especially in a pop song.

I’m not sure if releasing just three songs was the best choice. Maybe if all three songs were potential singles, but I think ‘Faceless’ is the single from this one. In a full length you can get away with some filler songs, but not with a three-song EP.

All in all I liked what I heard, albeit just a bit too short. It’s a strong first release and I’m really curious to see where they go from here.

Sorry to disappoint if you came back to read me taking a lady sized dump on them, but I only do that to music I don’t like…Guess the moral of the story is make good music and I won’t poop on it. Maybe next time?



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