Walking Explorations in Japan

FLUX Treehouse Japan
Arashiyama, Kyoto March 2018

Images by Bobby Asato

Photographer Bobby Asato is low-key. A film enthusiast since childhood, Asato founded Honolulu film shop Treehouse Camera in 2012.

Though Treehouse is a recognized name by photographers and creatives, Asato himself remains more of a private figure; his tendency toward subtlety is reflected in his photographic style.

On a recent trip to Japan, Asato sought to capture the aspects of daily life that are not typically given the spotlight. Instead of shooting the lush pink of blooming sakura trees, Asato chose to highlight the overlooked beauty of an alleyway, a bamboo-lined path, a morning bus commute, all in black and white.

Visit Treehouse Camera located on the second floor at SALT at our Kaka’ako (675 Auahi Street, E3-215). 

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