For decades, Micronesians have risked and even sacrificed their lives fighting for the United States, despite not being U.S. citizens. As they begin to retire, these islanders are finding that their unique immigration status leaves them in limbo.
Five and a half years ago, I launched FLUX Hawaii during what’s now known as the Great Recession of 2009. Five and a half years later, we're taking it on the road. To celebrate this, we are partying on with an event during New York Fashion Week.
In a perfect reality, how often should we really be logging in to check out our online selves? A full-time social media strategist reevaluates the role that online social networks play in her life.
Pacifica Incognito Jon Letman
Living in Hawai‘i, we think of ourselves as being well-connected to our Pacific Rim neighbors. At least half of us have family roots in Pacific islands or Asia yet...