38: Time

Published March 2020

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver read more

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36: Utopias

Published July 2019

"You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint the paradise, then in you go." ⁠—Nikos Kazantzakis read more

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34: Power

Published November 2018

"To pursue beauty to its lair. To respect strength, never power. To never look away." —Arundhati Roy read more

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32: Food

Published April 2018

"Maybe the entire human experience is found within a preserved plum." —Beau Flemister read more

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29: Plants

Published February 2017

Plants are a lot like people. They can be like mo'opuna, or grandchildren, as one Hawaiian healer in this issue describes them, or a sacred spirit fortifying cultural practice, as designer Sig Zane puts it. Plants, too, can teach you a lot about life. read more

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28: The Good Life

Published November 2016

The good life isn’t found by chasing the Hawai‘i that so many seek, with its endless days of sun and beach, but rather, by relentlessly pursuing a particular passion. read more

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27: School Spirit

Published August 2016

The next time your school ranks at the bottom of someone else’s list, kick the dirt off your shoes, be they garden boots or cleats, and as they say at Lahainaluna High School, “kūlia i ka nu‘u,” or, “strive to reach the summit.” See why we chose two covers for this issue here. read more

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26: Migration

Published May 2016

No man is an island. In this issue, FLUX Hawaii explores how migrants have made Hawaiʻi the amazing place it is today, and how they continue to do so. read more

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24: The Sea

Published November 2015

From artistic inspiration to legends of shipwrecks and mystical creatures, the sea continues to offer Hawai‘i residents inspiration, fear, and a home away from home. read more

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23: Charm

Published August 2015

This issue celebrates the kind of people who love even when it doesn’t make sense, who share an ever-shrinking piece of paradise wholeheartedly and without pretense. read more

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22: Apocalypse

Published June 2015

This issue asks if we would recognize the end of the world in Hawai‘i, what forms preparation and prevention take, and what new beginnings may arise from the ashes. read more

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21: Identity

Published March 2015

This issue features the kind of people who look inward rather than out to define their identities; the kind of people we can all take cues from. read more

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20: Film

Published January 2015

This issue celebrates local filmmakers fighting against all odds to bring their narratives to screens both big and small. read more

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19: Aloha Friday

Published September 2014

In this issue, we celebrate those who follow the beat of their own drums, or define what aloha means in Hawai'i today. read more

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18: Consumption

Published June 2014

It is no secret that our culture is one of overconsumption. This issue, seeks to catch it all, reflective of the age we find ourselves in today… read more

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17: War & Peace

Published January 2014

We all have our battles, our own wars to wage. War can consume a person, ensnarl one’s soul in bitterness and unforgiveness—but only if you let it. read more

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16: Homecoming

Published October 2013

This issue celebrates anyone who has ever left Hawai‘i, repatriating and welcoming them home within the pages of this magazine. read more

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15: Heritage

Published July 2013

This issue honors the indelible spirit of Hawai‘i’s people, who work to continue perpetuating cultural legacies against all odds. read more

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14: Stewardship

Published April 2013

Though right can be relative, there is, no doubt, a right way for responsible stewardship, and we only have to look to the ancient Hawaiians for guidance. read more

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13: Fashion

Published January 2013

The story of fashion in Hawai‘i is really the story of aloha in Hawai‘i. This issue celebrates themes of aloha, family, heritage and self-realization. read more

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12: Surf

Published October 2012

This issue celebrates the ways in which surfing connects us to nature and to one another. read more

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11: Nostalgia

Published July 2012

Sure, the past is not meant to be lived in, but it certainly can inform our future. This issue is not meant to be a sappy recollection of the good ol’ days but an exercise in remembering. read more

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10: Fellas

Published April 2012

The fellas featured in this issue are heroic in their own rights, everyday men doing extraordinary things. read more

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9: Food

Published January 2012

From the way we grow it to how we consume it to how it can pave innovative new paths for the future, the food this issue celebrates highlights local people’s unique relationship to what they eat. read more

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8: Resilience

Published October 2011

Marking our second year anniversary in print, this issue celebrates businesses and people with a resiliency all their own. read more

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7: Taboo

Published July 2011

In this issue, we delve into stories that hold sacred meaning to Hawai‘i, broaching subject matter that may be considered forbidden. read more

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6: Art & Design

Published April 2011

An artist is one who thinks outside the box—with innovation and creativity at the forefront—and often makes do with less. In our Art & Design issue, we celebrate innovation and seeing things just a little bit differently. read more

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5: Women’s Issue

Published January 2011

Today, women are business owners, strong, independent—ferocious—gracefully balancing family life with successful careers. In this issue, we celebrate the empowered woman. read more

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4: Commodity

Published October 2010

To disregard Hawai‘i as a commodity would be to our detriment, as commodities have the potential to benefit and to profit our islands. To say that the culture of Hawai‘i, our way of thinking and our way of life, is a commodity, is to say that our culture inherently has value. read more

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3: Perception

Published July 2010

Chance encounters can cause a shift in perceptions. This issue reminded us that we are here to be a voice, a platform for people who are underrepresented and a medium to showcase all the people doing some really cool stuff. read more

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2: Water

Published April 2010

When we are surrounded by water on every side, it becomes easy to forget this natural resource is precious. This issue documents watery issues prevalent not just in our city, but as experienced by surrounding cultures as well. read more

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1: Transition

Published January 2010

Ideas, cities, people remain motionless, if only for a moment's time. In our premiere issue, we explored the faces and places dedicated to bettering themselves and the environments in which they live. read more

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